Jun 2, 2008

中強公園②③④ Zhong Jiang park

Red n' 2 on orange ground is Taipei 101.

Red n' 3
on yellow ground is Xin Yi primary school, when I met Sifu Zhou.

Red n' 4 on green ground is Zhong Jiang park.

Red number 1 on orange ground is here.


Zhong Jiang park is the only spot you can find "tree frog" in Taipei city. According to Ms. Xiao, who has lived in the neighborhood for years, the reason for that was because the water pipe leaks , and now we have this "beautiful mistakes" in Zhong Jiang park.


今天會提到這個公園當然是有原因的。想當初,在國小校園裡遇到周師父,一群人(也是其他在此巧遇周師父的人) 跟著他練了二個星期的十三操後,他提議,大家應該早上練功。他說,早上四點到七點的時候,空氣最為清新,即使是在污染嚴重的臺北市。

There is reason to mention this park today. I met Sifu Zhou with a group of people at a primary school. After we had practiced 13 steps for 2 weeks, Sifu Zhou suggested we should practice in the morning. He said, the air is very fresh and clean from 4 am to 7 am, even in polluted Taipei.



Please noticed that was in February, 2007, the most moist and cold period in Taipei in a year. You have to have the determination and endurance to get up that early under such weather. But not everyone has the determination and endurance. A group of people only had few left since Sifu Zhou had switched the time and the location.


stories behind 13 steps 2 of 4

十三操(四) (リノベーション)







To Be Continued...

13 steps (4) (Rerun in English)

Do it gently, softly, slowly, and flexibly.

Fourth step: Palms
Slightly raise two arms and left leg first, rotate your palms and left foot clock wise 10 times at the same time, the rotate them counterclock wise 10 times at the same time.
Then switch to your right foot with two arms, rotate to each direction 10 times.

When you are just a beginner, don't raise your leg too high, because it's hard enough to stand on one leg. When your legs are getting stronger, you can raise your leg higher and higher each time, until your lap is parallel to the ground.

Green leg is for beginner
Purple leg is for intermediate

Red leg is for advanced


To Be Continued...