Oct 17, 2008

過手見招拆招篇: 側身(四)


通常這招可用在對方出力太大一時招架不住時,或是身形已經不對( 敗形 ) 而對方又出重拳時。



(02)接著妙問上方的手 ( 此處為右手 ) 順勢扣住雞冠頭的左拳。如果此時雞冠頭試著要收回他的左拳,



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★ Taiwaneses' bad habits-(04) Love to stare at others

I mentioned it before, Taiwanese are curious and love to join in the fun.

If Miao-wen and Ji-guan-tou start to Chi-Sau on the street, there will be people join them within few minutes. If Miao-wen looks at them, they will stare back to her. Taiwanese don't think it's rude to stare at people, " This is my right, I love to stare as long as I can", Taiwan really is a free country so to speak, sometimes we just tolerant too much.

General speaking, it's rude when we get on others ways. This kind of staring should be stopped unless nobody cares.

Meanwhile when a person did something wrong and got stared at. Normally this person should feel ashamed and lower his or her head and left the scene as fast as he or she could. But not in Taipei, usually this kind of person would stare back with an attitude. Such as those people who spitting and littering on the streets, not only they won't be ashamed of themselves, but also they would stare back at you. Taiwanese feel that we can't show our weakness first, even though we made a mistake.

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