Dec 5, 2009

Mr. Unhappy?


別再散播謠言和替他人洗腦了。好險 Julie Delpy Mr. Unhappy 歌裡的女主角最後還是做了明智的決定,希望她別一錯再錯。前年她終於自編自導自演了一個較大成本電影: 2 DAYS IN PARIS ,雖說看起來像是我不太喜歡的文化差異式愛情喜劇,有機會還是想找來看看。

Julie Delpy - Mr. Unhappy

Why do you want me to be what I could never be?
Why do you want me to act like I was another man?
You always say I'm crazy, then why do you stay with me?
Oh, tell me why...

Mister Unhappy
Mister Always Angry
Mister Always Sad
Mister Dissatisfied
Tell me what to do
So I could be with you
Tell me how to be
So you could love me...

I tried to behave for you
Just so you would not argue
I changed my personality
So you treat me with decency
My feisty temper doesn't agree
With your perfect idea of me
You even made a proposition
That I should be on medication
Remind me what you love about me, mister

Mister Unhappy
Mister Always Grumpy
Mister always cool
Mister often cruel
You're the one saying "I need some serious, serious fixing
But who the hell are you to tell me what to do?

Now it's over and I feel like a newborn child
I see hope and beauty in the little patches of grass
You almost made me be like one of your sad fantasies
You almost made me feel like I wasn't with you...
No more wasting my life with you, Mister

Mister Superficial
Mister "I am so special"
Mister "Something's wrong"
Let me sing you a song
Mister Unhappy and Angry
Mister Sad and Dissatisfied
Mister controlling and mind fucking
Grumpy and Complexity
Mister cool, mister often cruel
You're so unhappy and lonely
Always saying "something is wrong with me"
Well, something is wrong with you, man
Because ever since it's over between you and I
I feel so... amazing!
Mister Unhappy...
Why didn't you let me be?

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